about me

Hello and welcome to my site. I'm a Melbourne based illustrator who finds inspiration in the little things. My work is mostly in the area of childrens publishing and produIcts, but also has wide appeal with an adult audience through simplicity, charm and the feelings of nostaligia it often conveys.

My process always starts with pencils, pens, paints, and sometimes little bits of ephemera I find appealing. I finish off each piece with Photoshop and deliver digitally, and always on time.

Over the past 15 years, my illustration has appeared in and on numerous books, magazines, publications, cards, packages, advertisements, events and even on a tea cup.

I also produce large pastel drawings and paintings on canvas which you can see under the respective links. My artwork is more of a personal outlet and inspiration comes from all around - mostly my innermost thoughts, feelings, memories and snippets of anything that might affect my day. I rarely preconceive the drawings, they evolve as I go. I consider my art almost like a diary, and I like to keep the meanings just as secretive, as I love to hear the viewers own interperetations and ablility to relate their own experiences to what they see. 

My artwork can be viewed, framed and purchased at:


Feel free to contact me to say hi, or even to commission an illustration or artwork.